Hi Room 13 and Room 15 from Nayland Primary School!

We were very excited to receive your letters as we have also read Flat Stanley recently, and some people have also enjoyed reading the chapter books.

We will mail your Flat Stanleys back shortly!

We took them on a tour of our school, we are up in Auckland and our school has over 800 pupils!

Thanks Luke, Emberley and Phoenix for your lovely Flat Stanleys you created!

We hope they enjoyed their visit.
2013-11-20 14.24.47.jpg
Here is one with our school motto, we don't have rules we just follow this all day and everyday. It also has our school animal George the Girafee on it.

2013-11-20 14.44.31.jpg
Here is Flat Stanleys with George our Girafee, on one of the fields.
2013-11-20 14.43.40.jpg
One of the student's in our class painted this- we are very proud!

2013-11-20 14.39.21.jpg
We are lucky enough to have a nature trail full of plants. Lots of students help weed it and keep it tidy at lunch time.

2013-11-20 14.38.21.jpg
Can you spot them in the nature trail??

2013-11-20 14.36.08.jpg
Another student in our class painted this we have some very artistic children in our class!

2013-11-20 14.26.48.jpg
Flat STanley on our senior playground

2013-11-20 14.27.37.jpg
On our big school field..

2013-11-20 14.28.52.jpg
On our basketball courts, in the background is our school hall. It doesn't quite fit all the school though

2013-11-20 14.31.02.jpg
In our sandpit

2013-11-20 14.32.08.jpg
In our school library

2013-11-20 14.34.07.jpg
In the junior playground