Home Learning for Term 4

Here is the grid for all of term 4, you need to complete 1 activity a week plus your usual reading, spelling and maths. Bring every Monday as per usual :)

Home Learning for Week 5


Home learning for Week 4 :)


Homelearning for Week 3 Term 3

Homelearning page, where all homelearning will be posted!

Week 3 term 2 homelearning


- have your home learning tested and signed every night.

- put your spelling words into alphabrtical order.

- write a short story that includes all of your spelling words.


studdy ladder or on your class wiki.

country study

you are to search a country of your choice. eg. Italy, brazil

you need to answer all og the questions below and write all of the answers in full sentence.

  • flag
  • capital city
  • currency
  • Language
  • population
  • neighbouring countries
  • cultural tradition
  • Exports eg.nz - exports wool to the world
  • Area
  • important history / national holidays
  • sports
  • important / famous people from your chosen country and why they are important
  • 5 interesting facts that you didn't know before

week 2 term 2 home learning.

Task 1:
find out what the word leadership mans and write a definition for it.
Task 2:
you are to think of a leader that you believe displays good leadership skills.
You need to explain the leadership skills that this person diasplays and how they display them.
you need to explain why how seeing this person as a leader is going to help you a better leader in yeat six this year.
Ideas of a leader could be
  • sports leaders
  • politians
  • business people
  • parents
  • scientists
  • doctors
  • explorers
  • astronauts
etc... ...

week 10 home learning!^^
people who doesn't have the sheet! Click the picture!! week 10 homelearning.png
this we are having a focus on timetables, you are going to learn your timr tables in a fun creative way!!
You need to learn your 4,6,9 timetables.You can either create a song or a poem to help you remember them, or you can also come up with your own idea.Once you have created something, present it in a creative way e.g poster, computer format, on the wiki, sound recording etc.
there are a lot of ideas you can use on youtube for times table song , remember you still need to create your own though.
You also need to search on the internet for 9 times table trick, and have a go at doing your 9 times table this way.

Use your spelling word for the week to see how many other words you can come up with within the word , for example:
willowbank = oak,blow,won,ill,bill,kill...

this homework is due on monday 15th April!
Good Luck!

week 8/9 home learning!!
for people who doesn't have the sheet click this picture week 8,9 home learning.png
Task 1 - find out what the word climate means and write a definition for it.
Climate is commonly defined as the weather averaged over a long period. The standard averaging period is 30 years, but other periods may be used depending on the purpose. Climate also includes statistics other than average, such as the magnitudes of the day-to-day or year-to-year variations. The difference between climate and weather is usefully summerized by the popular phrase "climate is what you expect, weather is what you get."

Task 2 - Find a experiment that you can share with and maybe do with the class around climate.
this experiment will need to have :

1. an Aim-

2. Equipment-

3. Method-

Task 3 - you may like to do your experiment and write up what you find out.
in that case you may like to add from the list below
4. Hypothesis-
5. results-
6. conclusion-

You may also like to take photos to show you doing this experiment and what the results are.


Week 4 Home Learning:

Part 1- Using the ingredients you need to design a menu for dinner on the night of survival camp.
your ingredients :
500 grams mince either chicken mince or beef mince.
1 tin of whole potatoes
2 cups of rice
1 cup of peas
1 onion
1 red capsicum
1 cup of mushrooms
let your imagination go wild. maybe practice your recipe on your own family
don't forget to write out the instructions for the recipe

Part 2- Design a first aid camp for survival camp
you will need to check what a first kit must have in it and then add anything else you think we might need at the survival camp.
you need to remember that you will have carry your first aid kit in your back pack.
explain why you would that first aid kit to camp.

Part 3 -
put all of your spelling words into a word search that you will share with your buddy at school next Monday.
Learn your 4 and 6 times tables.
Enjoy your home learning this week!!!