Learning Diary:

Here you will find what we have recently been learning, and numerous entries from students.

In the holidays Room 4 did these exciting things:
Jaden- Went to Australia and went on a rollercoaster.
Nathaniel- Got a new Xpod game called Minecraft.
Henry- Had Jushant round in the holidays.
Tarik- Went to the cinema and watched Ironman.
Starah- Got her hair highlighted and went to the Zoo.
Reece- Watched Ironman in the xtreme screen.
Helen- Went to Rainbows End.
Caitlin- Went up the sky tower.
Jushant- Watched Ironman.
Divesh- Watched Ironman.
Xavier- His cousins came round.
Zaid- Went to Rainbows End.
Fahham- His Uncle cam to visit.
Aloné- Went to a party and won all the games.
Regina- Went to the movies and watched ironman and Oblivion.
Baz- Watched Ironman and stayed at the Heritage.
Ee Veen- Played minecraft all holidays and went to the zoo.
Ruby- Went to Taupo and went to see Ironman.

Divesh- I have learnt that female anacondas are bigger than male anacondas.

Mieke- I have learnt that when skunks produce their smell it can temporarily blind you.

Xavier- I have learnt that giant turtles cannot go into their shell.

Baz- I have learnt that giant turtles can't be in the sun too long or they will be cooked in their shell.

Jaden- I have learnt that thorny devils get their water from dew from the cold weather.

Fahham- I have learnt that hot air rises and cold air sinks.

Alone'- I have learnt that if you have trouble with addition or subtraction you can go to the nearest 10 e.g. 8+4= 8+2=10 =2=12.

Ee Veen- I have learnt how to play crazy tricky tag.

Mrs Revie- I have learnt how to to play timebomb!

Mieke- I have learnt how to use metaphors and similies.

Vanessa- I have learnt why the sky is blue.

Tarik- I have learnt how to use compatible numbers.

Jushant- I have learnt how to solve addition and subtraction mentally.

Ee Veen- I have learnt how to construct my stories better.

Zaid- I ahve learnt how to use similies and metaphors.

Fahham- I have learnt the difference between the two to's and too.

Tarik- I have learnt how to depend on myself (at camp)

Reece- I have learnt that hot air takes up more space than cold air.

Today we all learnt how to add endings to words that end in y.
e.g. company- companies
holiday- holidays

Ethyn- i learnt that a wombat is not a type of bat