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Homework Week 8 (Thank Mr O'B for the pretty pictures)

Homework Week 7

Maths- You need to play SumDog every night to be part of the competition and do well.

Reading- Continue filling in your own reading log.
I will share a Google Doc with you where you need to complete a 1 page slideshow of a book you have recently read. Try and sell the book to us, what was good about it, was it funny, what was it about. Be prepared to talk to this slideshow.

Other- As above the reading book review

Choir- Practice all your songs and learn the words

Homework Week 6

Maths- Make sure you download and print the basic facts sheet number 2. Practice your basic facts in a variety of ways every night.

Reading- Continue filling out your reading log.

Other- New Zealand Homework
You need to research the current NZ flag, why does it have this design? How long has this flag been used for?
Then you need to design a modern flag to represent our country- look at other countries flags for ideas and designs people may have already done for a new flag. Please do the flag design on a white A4 piece of paper. (There are some in class if you need some)

Term 1 Week 3 (due Monday Week 4)
Reading- Read for at least 30 minutes per night- design a reading log and fill in.
Maths- Use Sum Dog and play! Practise your basic facts by using the one we did on Friday (Number 1)
Other- Cook your meal :)

Term 1 Week 2 (due Monday Week 3)
Reading- Read for at least 30 minutes per night- design a reading log and fill in.
Maths- Complete your Studyladder set tasks. If you do not have Internet access at home see me to organise using the class computers before school.
Other- Bring in EOTC forms & camp booklet.
Do a title page at front of homework book 'Term 1 Homework'

Spelling- This week we all have the same words- learn these for a test on Friday (Week 2).

Mrs Revie
Mrs Agnew